The Pirate's Wish (The Assassin's Curse)

The Pirate's Wish (The Assassin's Curse #2) - Cassandra Rose Clarke By the end of the first book, Naji discovers the way to ending the curse is performing three impossible tasks (touch the startones, true love kiss, create life out of violence), and Ananna discovers she have feeling for Naji and that one of the tasks might not be impossible after all.
This book starts great, we get to meet THE FABULOUS ongraygeeomryn *that's a name BTW*,i loved the interaction and the friendship between ananna and ongraygeeomryn *copy and paste*. The story was quite fun and all until I reached about 80% of the book. Then I have to say I felt that the author rushed the plot. It was really disappointing. I kinda expected more. However I do like the shark idea. *I'm trying to be ambiguous, I hope it is working*. Moreover I missed the desert, Arabic theme that was in the first novel.
Anyway,I was satisfied with how the romance worked out between Ananna and Naji. It was not rushed at all, and the ending just felt right.
i love this book but not as much as i love the first one, but still overall this series rocks,i enjoyed it a lot.
i adore the world which the author built, i heard that she is writing another series in the same I'm quite excited about it, i hope it's dealing with the order or the empire.i would like to know more about them.