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I Hunt Killers - Barry Lyga

Jasper Dent (jazz) is the son of the most famous serial killer Billy aka the artist, Green jack,...and many more titles. Living with his crazy grandmother in their family house. Jazz always in a struggle with himself. Believing , one day he will snap and become his dad. so, when the chance comes (in the shape of a body found in a field ) to prove that he is not a monster. Jazz will do everything he can to prove his humanity.


The novel is definitely well researched. It is obvious throughout the book. so if you a serial killer in making DON'T READ THIS BOOK. If not then you really need to check out this book it's awesome. i enjoyed Jazz complexity, he thinks things through and still  possess the insecurity of a teenage boy at the same time. Further there is a constant mental debate occurring in his mind. All of this made his character so realistic, which is something some books lack these days, and let not forget his awesome sidekick Howie, At first i didn't like him but then he started to grow on me, Plus there is a little amount of bromance between them. it is not obvious much , but you feel it while following jazz track of thoughts,Frankly i wish we get more jazz-Howie moments the next book. it was much better than jazz-Connie (jazz girlfriend).


Connie is jazz anchor, she is the sound of reason. He feels like a human when he is with her; he views her as a person not like his dad calls them prospects.( Yes , his dad is so creepy awesome, In fact i wouldn't mind a spin off with his dad as the lead) back to Connie, as character i didn't mind her really, but at the same time i didn't desire her exciting. I understand the purpose of her in the story, But sometimes i was like, okay we get it you like each other, now let's move forward.


In addition there is always the question if she will become a dead weight in the future books. When she is hunted by a sociopath for her connection with jazz, will she man up and fight or be the damsel in distress. However i like her or not, her character does not affect the awesomeness of the book at all. and for real i think she is a lovable character, the problem is me (it's not you Connie it's me, call me the queen of cheesiness).


What about the murders, the killer, the plot, Well, let me tell you it was fantastic, kinda reminded me of a lighter mash of Hannibal the TV show and the following, anyone remembers the angle killer (i was going to put an image but i think i don't need to traumatize the innocent people out there). Take into account this story is not violent, It is a teen novel after all, But it got a dash of psychological, so if you are interested in that, Highly recommended.