Better than i expected

Bad Girls Don't Die - Katie Alender

Bad girls Don't die, Originally what attracted me to the book was the title. Then i read the synopsis, i was like child plus possession equal Mega scary book. Unfortunately, it was not scary. It might be because i am a horror fan, so i don't get scared easily or it is because it really was not frightened at all (which i think was the real case, but some reviewers said it was scary, so i guess it differentiate). Nevertheless, the book is fun to read, but not spectacular. The Protagonist Alexis, is pink hair, activist kinda chick. She has no friends since she does not fit with any group. I confess there was some cheesy teen drama moments , but I stomached it. Another negative thing, was how fast Alexis became best friends with Megan. It was done too fast, i dislike fast formed relationships (All types). Especially when said duo is nemesis since childhood. Second, Alexis inability to believe her sister is possessed. true it was frustrating, but was quite realistic. If it was me, i will try every other logical explanation before believing it too. Kasey (her sister) was kind of cute in her own strange way. My favorite character frankly was Megan dead mom, and yes she is a ghost. I liked Alexis humor, it comes out in inappropriate moments and that what made it so funny. Carter (I think that his name) her love interest, seriously why was he in the story?. he appeared a couple of times, talked about basically nothing with her (oh wait they were bonding *eye rolling*). Overall, it was fast, better than i thought and fun, this why i give it 3 stars.

Will i finish the rest of the trilogy ?, well i have more fascinated books to read, so maybe someday but definitely not now.