Prodigy - Marie Lu

I think i lost my ability to talk, That ending



I did not expect that at ALL, I don't know what to feel, i  am kinda sad and awed and fhjhshgghshgsvgh. (Yep)


Anyway, The book stared with June and Day on the run from the Republic's soldiers, they are heading to Vegas to seek the Patriots help. (Since day got shot in the last book and he is looking for his brother) . Frankly the book was slow at the beginning, but as soon as they met the Patriots, things started to pick up. Further, as expected, it was full of action, shocks, backstabbing, soul searching and June being a bad-ass. True, June vulnerability is more obvious in this book more than the previous. Which is good to the character development. Actually a lot of characters developed fantastically not just the main two. However, i think it is safe to say that Kaede was the most surprising character of the whole book.




I finished this book with dreadful heart, hoping their is a twist. However if not i will still love this awesome trilogy.


(I don't know what to expect from the next book)