Just WOW

Empires of Moth - Daniel Arenson

Empires of Moth exceed all my expectation, i did not know what to expect after finishing Moth.i was afraid that this book will not be as good as the first one. you know what It is BETTER.


One of the things that bothered me while reading moth was the slow pace that the book sported in some part. However This book does not have this issue, It is events after events with no dull moments. Moreover, the multiple POV , allowed me to know each character intimately. Which made me love them greatly and i mean all of them, i do not know how the author did it but he made me fall in love with whole gang, even Linee hold a place in my heart. Thus, it was hard to see some of them fall, But it is crucial to the development of the story. It is war after all, and the book does not shy away from showing the cruelty of it.


Ferius (the bad guy), that guy is just horrible i can't wait for him to get what he deserves. Koyee, keeps evolving and shining as character. The girl that i though was crazy , is a feisty, brave warrior. Speaking of warriors, i just love the amount of strong females warriors in the book. i mean most of the bad-ass warriors are females. Bailey is still awesome however some of her actions made her childish. i  really hope she drops her current attitude.


Unlike the previous book, there is romance in this one, though it is not the center of the story. I really enjoyed how the romantic relationship, developed between particularly  two characters. Frankly, i was toying with the idea of them while reading moth, and i am happy that it really happened.  A last observation, the Author style in describing the battles and fighting scenes is just magnificent, I felt like i am in the middle of it while reading. Plus, i love the hiding wisdom and heart in the book. It is not just mindless, fun book.


I recommend the Moth saga for every fantasy reader.  you will not regret it.


P.S. i am blessed these days with really good books, I am dreading the time when this stroke of luck ends.