They are truly sinful

Sinful Folk - Nikki McClure, Ned Hayes

            I'm glad i entered the giveaway of this book. Sinful Folk is a magnificent read.I wanted to read a Middle age era novel for some time, so as soon as i read the synopsis i had to read/get this book. Plus it's also a mystery/crime.


             The book starts with the death of a group of children in a fire. No one knows what the kids were doing together or why were they in this house? a lot of questions, but no answer. Thus, the parents go on a trip to seek answers and justice to their children. Mear a women who disguises herself as a mute man is among them. But she is not a normal women, she has secrets that can endanger her life if revealed.


             I enjoyed both the history and the mystery aspects of the book. The mystery is engaging, it keeps you on your toes, wondering who did what. I did suspect the true murder half away through the book, But i did not have a clue of why he did it and i still had my doubts to be honest, so cheers to the author for creating a solid mystery. In addition, This is one of the stories that makes you feel blessed to be living now.It touch issues such as Jews incrimination, the fear of witchcraft, the role of women in the fourteen century and the effects of poverty on people behavior. I love how the author connected the fiction and non-fiction parts of the story, it was done smoothly and realistically.

              Frankly, the star of the book is Mear, she is a wonderful, strong character. i mean she lost her child, her past is hunting her and let not forget the dangerous companions she is traveling with. With all that, she still has her wits about her. she still fights back,investigates, protects her secrets and saves the others on the side. Hand down,  she is a survivor. A final note this is not a happy story, it is bittersweet nevertheless, you will enjoy it. I recommend this story for mystery and history lovers.