Cinder - Marissa Meyer

This is an awesome retelling. The hype surrounding this chronicle piqued my curiosity. so i started to hunt libraries for this book, which was always unavailable and that made me more determine to find it. even though i got tired searching for it. It was totally worth it.


Why i loved this book?


well first The take on the Cinderella story is just magnificent. Cinder aka duh Cinderella is a cyborg genius mechanic. i love her personality,  she is strong minded, she does not take crap from anyone and when she set her mind on something she is determined to do it. she is not your typical princess, she is not waiting for saving, she will save herself on her own. i loved her relationships with other characters, especially her sister. Their interactions By the end was quite moving. Likewise, her interaction with Kai (The prince) was cute, i liked she did not turn in to a love sick puppy every time she sees him. Their moments were charming and actually aimed to build strong connection between them. Moreover their relationship progressed slowly which i enjoyed a lot.

Cinder does not care about balls and dresses,  that is not what drives her. still she is self conscious about her state as cyborg which added more depth to her character. Second, the world building was holes proof. Meaning i did not find anything strange or illogical while reading. Every detail works coherently to build the world and justify how the society was developed. In addition, It was fascinating how the author connected multiple fairy tales together without making it crowded or awkward.This book is original, and that is difficult to find these days.


 Cinder by lostie815

check her Interpretation of the other characters