Mind Blowing

The Wise Man's Fear - Patrick Rothfuss



Sigh... I am in love with this world, with the characters and Of course with Kvothe. This is a wonderful sequel to The name of the wind. Kvothe continues his story of how he becomes Kvothe the Legend. As always he did not fail to amaze and entertain me with his personality and actions.I enjoyed seeing how much he grows throughout the book. I will not talk in-depth since i don't want to spoil it even a little. However, i will say that the hints we got  about his possibly not so happy ending is driving me crazy with grieve. i know since the start he said that his story is not a happy one, still i am hoping that this will change in the third/final book. I swear if he dies i will be emotionally cribbed for the rest of my life that's how much i love that ginger headed guy.

There is a lot of new interesting characters and A lot of different settings/places that i enjoyed enormously. Furthermore, we are slowly discovering who are the seven/ Chandrian and what are they excitedly.The gang is fun as always. i love the friendship between them. they are truly a family right now. Denna as always  keeps getting on my nerves,  something about her just makes my skin crawl.  Maybe it is because i can't figure out if she is really the clever, vulnerable girl Kvothe see, Or is she a devil in disguise.she knows something definitely, she is an enigma and this frustrates me i guess i will know her true natural when i read the next book. The waiting is agonizing, but i am welling to bear it, as long as we get a book with same quality as the previous ones.


Honorable Mention

Auri has to be my favorite character after Kvothe. she is just a delight and i am 80 percent sure she is connected to the Amry mystery , Plus, her moments with Kvothe are just heart warming.


by amywinterbreeze