Grave Mercy

Grave Mercy - Robin LaFevers

I have conflict feelings regarding this book. At first, It was engrossing and intriguing, then the pace slow down, and i was bored out of my mind. It picks up at some parts, then it returns to the endless boredness. Plus,  I feel indifferent toward Ismea character, i thought she will grow throughout the book to be the bad-ass assassin that i imagine her to be. But, unfortunately that did not happen.i don't hate her but i don't love her either. Still, the story had it's moments, the concept is totally new and there is a couple of nice characters. So i decided that I will continue with the series for that reasons,and because according to reviews, the second book is like 100 times better than the first. Further, it is from Sybella, perspective, and even though she wasn't in this book a lot , i sense she will be a great character to read about, just from her brief appearances.