utterly beautiful

The Snow Child - Eowyn Ivey

I feel like i was in a marathon, i experience a range of emotions throughout the book,Though the primary one was sadness even in joyful moments, it lingers in the background. Jack and Mabel an old childless couple move to Alaska in the hope of running from their grief and new starts.

Their story is about losses, friendships and new beginning, and i enjoyed following it to the fullest. Plus, it does not hurt that they are the sweetest couple ever. I loved the other characters too, each was unique , and has a role to play in Mabel and Jack journey. The author description of the winter and Alaska was beautiful, the people who lived there before technology really had it rough. Final notes, I had two issues with the book, first it dragged a little in the second half. Second, personally i did not like the ending so much, i was like "Wait that's it". I can see why many say it's logical,but i was a little disappointed, just a little.