There is hope

Moon Called - Patricia Briggs

First , Yay i am out of my book slump, i am glad it only lasted a week.



Second, i finally found an urban fantasy novel that i don't have problems with .
Double Yay

So,  i was trying to get into this genre for some time, and until now my entry was not so smooth. However this book gave me hope. The characters were developed well, each was unique in his/her own way. The protagonist, Mac was quite realistic "considering she is a coyote" . She is not a super women and in the same time she is not a damsel in distress. She had a weak and a strong side, and she is actually a loveable character. Proof, i did not feel like strangle her "yep, this is a legit proof believe me".  Anyway, the book does have a love triangle, though i am not bother by it, i don't think Mac is the type of girl who keeps going back and forth between two guys "still i could be wrong, i guess i will know in future books". The plot is okay but not really profound or anything like that. but the characters what made the book enjoyable for me. Plus from my understanding, The series does not follow a single storyline, so variety is always good.