Nothing is perfect

Perfect: A Novel - Rachel Joyce

This was depressing, sad and in the same time it was happy and beautiful. I know it doesn't make sense. It was sad because it's a story about bad timing, and collections of unfortunate events that affect a number of people in different ways. It also about lies,  facades and mental illness. So expect to tear up a lot or a little,  depend on you :D.

On the contrary, it was happy because it is a tale of friendship, connections and the fact that no matter what there is hope. It is never too late, it is we who complicate things.

The book writing is elegant. The style is poetic, and there is so much heart and wisdom in it. The book has two storyline. One takes place in the past, the other in the present. They made sense in the end so don't worry. In addition, i just love how the story progressed slowly ; building tension until the last part , then BAM emotions explosion. I was tearing like crazy by the end.

“And it can take a lifetime, a life of many years, to accept the incongruity of things: that a small moment can sit side by side with a big one, and become part of the same."