Really ?

The Hallowed Ones - Laura Bickle

Until 30 % the book was good. Then Katie the main character started to annoy me. Hey i understand she is having an identity crisis. i mean at some point in our life. we all face it, so i get it.  However, there is a difference between soul searching and whining. If i have a threat looming outside my house, will i spend time thinking about how to deal with it or about how it totally destroyed my plans to go to Spain?.



Further,  her relationship with Alex was just out of the blue. It was rushed, Katie is a born and raised Amish. yes her beliefs are changing but not that fast. Hell even without the religious aspect. No one form a relationship that fast, they didn't even spend much time together. Girl,  get your priorities straight.

Another thing that bugged me is i expected a lot of gore. well not much it's a YA after all , but still those vampires are the scary, evil, non sparkling type. so i expected a lot and a lot of action. but guess what they only appeared briefly at the beginning and then at the ending. Plus by the time they showed up, the story already turned ridicules. After finishing this book i came to the realization that  i really don't care about the fate of the characters. i didn't connect with them or the story on any level.