His justice

Dark Triumph - Robin LaFevers

You can say that this book is Sybella arc, it is a continuation of the previous book. It picks up right where Grave Mercy stopped. We get to know where Sybella was these past months and what is her past. Plus, it sets the stage for Annith arc and the downfall of the abbess. Sybella was sent to the household of d'Albret to observe and collect information for the convent and the duchess, but new orders arrive. She has to rescue a knight imprisoned in the house. However things don't go as planed, and Sybella is set on a journey that will ultimately heal her.


This was definitely way better than the previous one. The tone was darker and better. The characters especially Sybella have more depth. One of the problems i had with Grave Mercy is that the characters seemed shallow, and i felt they didn't grow at all throughout the story. However, here the character development is evident. Sybella at the beginning was a tormented bitter character with insecurities. She was also at the edge of madness in a very dark place, but by the end of the book she was reborn.


Sybella has a love interest, the knight. The relationship between them progressed slowly and quite logically. Plus, it actually made a difference his presence gave a boost to her healing process. It also does not hurt that they totally fit together and their banter was fun to read. Speaking of banter since Sybella is a witty sharp tongue female, expect a lot of humor.


I was one of the people who got bored while reading Grave Mercy, thus i was hesitated to read this one. However because right from the start Sybella character intrigued me a lot,  i decided to read it and i was glad to discover that this book is fast pace and full of action. Yes action People,  Sybella is a total bad-ass assassin with flying knifes that she is not afraid to use.

Anyway, i am excited and curious about the next book. i can't help but wonder what role Annith will play in the trilogy storyline.